Website Redesign: Tips to retain & improve your SEO

A website provides a good platform for online marketing of any product, brand or services. It is the foremost thing that attracts the audience. Website redesigning ensures that the new website should help in competing with other brands in this changing market trend. It provides the opportunity to improve the SEO (search engine optimization), conversion … Continue reading Website Redesign: Tips to retain & improve your SEO


Since exact means exact

  Google declared a new change to the way exact match targeting works in AdWords, on Friday afternoon. Matching for close variations — errors, plurals, adverbs, shortenings etcetera — will be widened to incorporate varieties in function words and word order in the coming months. With this modification, Google may disregard function word and word … Continue reading Since exact means exact

SMS Marketing for your business

SMS curtailed from Short Message Service is an administration that empowers short messages of usually 140-160 characters long to be sent and transmitted from a webor mobile. SMS empowers data to be sent to group of individuals rapidly and helpfully. In case of printed media and different sorts of marketing, for example, radio or TV, … Continue reading SMS Marketing for your business

content marketing

How Important Is Content Marketing?

Engaging your current audience, and attracting the attention of new customers with creative, relevant, and even personalized content is what content marketing is all about. Successful content marketing is communicating the right message at the right time to your customers. The strategy starts with defining buyer personas and identifying questions they ask during their buying … Continue reading How Important Is Content Marketing?